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A Tiny Bit of History.

Sassa's Cakes was first created in 2010, and it was a few years before we started to make wedding cakes.  


Over the years we've grown from a hobby business into one of regions best regarded and trusted cake makers.  We are recommended by many wedding venues in and around Norfolk and Suffolk, as well as chefs, caterers, photographers, makeup artists, bridal shops and most importantly our previous customers.

We've given high priority to developing our cake recipe over the years and we now have a sponge cake is the perfect combination of flavour and velvety texture that's perfect for cutting, making it a favourite among caterers.

Meet the Team


Business Owner/Edible Artist

It's very much about the art for me.  I was drawn to cake craft initially by all of the different techniques and skills required to create wedding cakes.

 I'm driven by an artistic background and I've dabbled in many different creative mediums, so many of which come in useful in the cake business. I'm not at all scared to try new techniques and love pushing fresh ideas into the business.  Sculpted chocolate cakes and wafer flowers are my absolute favourite new things to work with at the moment. I'm very excited at the new creative avenues they're taking me down.

I'm really drawn to specific styles, and that could be a pure white floral cake, or a gothic masterpiece. 

My advice is always to go for it, immerse yourself. Don't do it half heartedly, if you love it, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. If nobody else likes your bright red sparkly wedding cake who cares! I bet they will remember it for a long time though.




Business Manager/Baker

I got involved in the cake business fairly early on, helping with admin and deliveries. But in 2016 we made the decision that I would hand in my notice at the printing company I had worked at for 27 years in a management roll.

It was a scary decision to make, but I really enjoyed being a part of it, I loved taking part in wedding shows and meeting other people in the industry. Its great being able to see a whole project through from beginning to end, it's very rewarding.


Oh, it's also wonderful working with my wife.... I mean my Boss! 

I'm now Sassa's full time baker, and I take on much of the admin and correspondence, so your first point of contact with Sassa's cakes will most likely be with me.


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