Debbie & Giles


We, like many cake makers, work from our private address,
although we do have a specially dedicated kitchen that is separate from our personal space.  

 Collections are by appointment only, and we
 will provide you with full directions when a collection has been arranged.

Phoning us
There are just 2 of us around to answer phone calls, so we ask for your patience: sometimes we're out delivering, sometimes the oven timer is going off! Please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can.

Emailing us

Email is our preferred method of contact.  Not only does it mean that we can reply at a time that is convenient for all, but it also means we have a written conversation thread to look back on should we need to.  We aim to respond to emails within 48 hours, but please bear with us during busy seasons. 


Sassa's History

Debbie started Sassa's Cakes in 2010 using her late mothers nickname (Sassa) as a tribute to the women who taught her all thinks baking.  


The company was initially intended to be a part time 'hobby business' in addition to her job in an accounts department.  Eventually when she was made redundant a few years later, she jumped at the chance to 'give it a go' full time.  The response was phenomenal, and her feet haven't touched the floor since!

"The art very much came first for me" says Debbie, "I was an only child, living in the country, I was on my own a lot, so I always had my head stuck into some new arty hobby or other. I've explored many different types of art medium, including sculpture and painting, and I find it easy to adapt to new materials.  I think the variety of techniques involved in cake craft is what made it appeal to me initially."

Having worked behind the scenes from the beginning, providing support, counselling and increasingly baking and administration services: Giles (Debbie's Husband)  joined the business full time at the end of 2016.  Giles is now Sassa's full time baker and Business Partner.