All About Us

Debbie & Giles

Debbie started Sassa's Cakes in 2010 initially as a part time 'hobby business' in addition to her job in an accounts department.  Eventually when she was made redundant a few years later, she jumped at the chance to 'give it a go' full time.  The response was phenomenal, and her feet haven't touched the floor since!

"The art very much came first for me" says Debbie, "I was an only child, living in the country, I was on my own a lot, so I always had my head stuck into some new arty hobby or other. I've explored many different types of art medium, including sculpture and painting, and I find it easy to adapt to new materials.  I think the variety of techniques involved in cake craft is what made it appeal to me initially."

Debbie's Daughter Kayleigh soon joined in the venture, the skills seem to be hereditary, as well as the need for perfection and attention to detail.  Kayleigh ran the cake pop part of the business herself, as well as much of the cupcakes, and celebration cakes and some of the wedding cakes. Kayleigh left the business at the end of 2019 to pursue her degree.

Having worked behind the scneenes from the beginning, providing support, counselling and increasingly baking and administration services: Giles (Debbie's Husband)  joined the business full time at the end of 2016, completing the little family task force of 3.  Giles is now Sassa's full time baker and Business Partner.

Where does the name Sassa's come from?

I get asked this a lot, and the name Sassa's might not seem a likely choice for a bespoke cake company.  It's not easy to remember, I always have to spell it out, and it's often mis-heard.  It's very important to me though, and it's has very strong emotional ties.

My Mum taught me to bake at a very young age, not in the stand over you kind of way that a teacher would.  She would give me a recipe book, let me choose what I wanted to make from it, buy me the ingredients, and leave me in the kitchen to get on with it.  I would happily spend whole days concocting something or other in my own little world. Then she'd come and clean up after I'd proudly presented what I'd made.  I think that gave me so much confidence in the kitchen, with nobody leaning over my shoulder correcting me I had the freedom to make my own mistakes and I learned from them.  I was able to create my own techniques and to this day I'm not afraid to try something new.

Anyway to the point of the tale: my Mums name was Sandra, but a young Nephew couldn't say that, so he called her Aunty Sass, or Sassa and the name stuck with her for life.

When I decided to take the plunge into the cake business, I had made the decision with the support of my husband Giles on a grey Sunday afternoon in February 2010.  I spoke to my Mum that afternoon on the phone, but I didn't tell her my plan because she hadn't been well that day and it didn't seem appropriate.  My Mum died the next day, and I never got to tell her at all.

So, it just had to be Sassa's.