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Beautifully designed

Artfully created

Utterly delicious

We feel a personal involvement in all our creations, and treat each one as if it's our own.

We hope that our portfolio of previous designs will give you inspiration for your own wedding cake journey



Wafer paper flowers.

It's taken a few years for me to really perfect wafer paper flowers, but it was worth every moment.  


Wafer paper flowers are handmade from wafer sheets, coloured to suit your palette, and they look utterly natural.

They're light enough to be used on buttercream and naked cakes as well as fondant, and not brittle like sugar flowers.  


Chocolate covered

and sculpted flower cakes.

I've been a huge fan of Emma Page cakes since I met her at a London wedding show.

Covid lockdown gave me the opportunity to take one of her online courses in buttercream sculpted flower cakes.  Shortly afterwards I developed my own chocolate ganache version which is a more stable material.

Chocolate sculpted cakes are 100% edible! Whats not to love?

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